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Analogue Solutions Leipzig-SK

2 VCO Keyboard Synth
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Analogue Solutions Leipzig-SK

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100% analogue voice and modulation circuitry.

New improved Resonance control. 

Hand built in Great Britain.

Fat Moog style transistor ladder filter.

2 VCOs with Glide and Sub-VCOs.

Osc Sync & Cross-Mod Plenty of modulation routing possibilities.

We are a big fan of electronic percussion here, so Leipzig-S modulation choices provide for good drum possibilities

Analogue step sequencer – with plenty of clocking options.

Audio input so can be used as a sound processor.

Rugged steel/aluminium construction. MIDI In for software sequencer control.

The SK is almost identical to the S. But with the addition of a MIDI controller keyboard.



Velocity sensitive, semi-weighted, 37 keys LCD to enable editing of keyboard set-up (transpose, pitch bend range, retrig, etc) 1/4″ CV inputs and outputs Pitch and Mod wheels


This synth has no memories – Advantages

None of the parameters or controls are quantised. So when you turn a knob, you are turning a resistor that affects a real analogue circuit. Because each parameter is not under solid CPU control, each parameter has that tiny analogue drift that adds so much to character. You are forced to be creative. No reliance on presets! Each time you make a sound you are being original. Quick, easy and simple to use! WYSIWYG – no nasty menus and sub-menus to change the sound.


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