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Antelope Pure2

Zwei-Kanal Mastering Wandler

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Digital clarity, analog warmth

Pure2 is a mastering-grade 24/192 kHz AD/DA 2-channel converter and master clock that includes a relay-controlled volume attenuator. It features Antelope Audio’s world-renowned Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) technology, and also utilizes pristine analog circuitry, driven by a proprietary multi-stage linear power supply for unsurpassed digital clarity and analog realism.

An intuitive software control panel for Mac or Windows provides users the ability to manage all facets of the device operation. Pure2 is also configurable via the front panel with user-definable presets.

Five ultra high performance components

  • A/D converter with optimized overloads handling
  • D/A converter with dual DAC architecture
  • High-end headphone amp with a dedicated D/A converter
  • Relay-based analog volume control for accurate monitoring
  • Master clock with 4th generation of Antelope's AFC jitter management



  • A/D Conversion: The famous Burr-Brown (TI) A/D converter PCM4222 is unsurpassed in terms of sound quality and performance. Carefully optimized analog driver stage gently handles overloads, contributing to distinct analog sound and smoother clipping.
  • D/A Conversion: The main D/A conversion in Pure2 is designed with a dual DAC architecture, providing separate DAC chips for the left and the right channels. The dual DAC design tremendously enhances the signal-to-noise ratio and greatly improves stereo imaging.
  • Master Clock: The conversion timing and the sync of all digital studio devices is kept stable by the 4th generation of 64-bit AFC jitter management and oven-controlled crystal oscillator. This is exactly the same technology used in Antelope's flagship master clock, Isochrone Trinity and the top-seller Orion32 AD/DA. With several Word Clock outputs, Pure2 can function as the master clock for an entire studio and can also be locked to Antelope's legendary 10M Atomic Clock for even greater clocking stability.
  • Headphone Amp: The high-end headphone amp is powered by a dedicated D/A converter, allowing greater convenience and better routing flexibility. The separate DAC provides the option for monitoring a secondary source independent from the main outs.
  • Monitoring: Pure2 utilizes Antelope's high quality analog volume control. It features a stepped relay attenuator with 0.05 dB precision, providing optimal transparency of the monitoring through the main outs.
  • Userfriendly Device Management: With Pure2, attaining immaculate audio quality does not have to be complicated. The device includes a highly intuitive software control panel (compatible with both Mac and PC) enabling users to manage all facets of its operation from a computer. Meanwhile, the front panel of the unit also includes user-definable presets for added routing convenience and efficiency.

1x World Clock
1x 10 MHz Atomic Reference
1x AES
USB 2.0 on Type B
1x Analog (ADC) on Combo XLR
* Factory preset to accept 22dBu, trim to accept 8dBu to 24dBu

1x USB 2.0 on Type B
1x AES
8 x World Clock
1x Main Analog (DAC 1) on XLR
1x Monitor Analog (DAC 2) on 1/4” TRS
1x Headphones(DAC 3)on 1/4” TRS
* All analog outputs are factory preset to put out 22dBu, trimmable between 8dBu and 24dBu

Additional Information
Operating Temperature: 0-45ºC/32-113ºF
Weight (approx. prior): ~3kg/ 6,5lb approx.

Dimensions (approx.):
Width: 482 mm/19” /Rack/
Height: 44 mm/1U/
Depth: 350 mm

Power Supply:
Nominal 100-120 / 220-240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz
Actual 95-264 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz

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