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Merging Technologies Horus / Hapi PT64 Module

IOM-H-PT64 Pro Tools HDLink option card for Horus and Hapi

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Now Pro Tools HD users can enjoy all the flexibility of Ravenna networking along with Merging Technologies’ stunning Mic Pre-amps and AD / DA conversion. Able to slot into any professional AVID environment, Horus & Hapi are now creating a new benchmark for Pro Tools HD™ users who expect the best possible signal path in their work.


  • 64 Channels of Pro Tools HD™ connectivity in each card (Main + Expansion connections)
  • Fit up to 2 PT64 cards in Hapi or Horus for 128 channels to and from Pro Tools HD™
  • Able to mimic signal delays for all AVID™ branded interfaces (HD I/O, MADI I/O, 192 I/O)
  • Works from 44.1 -> 192 kHz sample rates
  • Completely routable as any other part of our Networked Audio Interface range.
  • Connect your Pro Tools HD™ to the power of Ravenna Networking
  • Including two 12ft Mini Digilink Cables


The Pro Tools HDLink option card (IOM-H-PT64) is a way to connect 64 channels (at 44.1-48kHz) of Pro Tools HDX directly to Horus and Hapi. This is done by using 2x HDLink cables connected directly between the card and a HDX PCIe Card or HD Native interface.

It fits into the option slots of the Horus or Hapi in the same manner as the Analog option cards do. Once there you are able to route to and from it just as you would with the MADI connection (in blocks of 8 for input and output).

Hapi: Slot 1 & 2 can both be filled with PT64 cards (128 I/O Total)

Horus: Slot 3 & 6 can be filled with PT64 cards (128 I/O Total)


Sample rates available

  • 44.1 – 48kHz (64 Channels I/O per card)
  • 88.2 – 96 kHz (32 channels I/O per card)
  • 176.4 – 192 kHz (16 Channels I/O per card)



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