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  1. Avid Media Composer Video Satellite Option
    1.099,00 €
    Bring high-definition video into your audio production workflow. Video Satellite is a software option that allows Pro Tools HD editors to quickly and easily play Avid HD or SD video sequences from a dedicated Mac or Windows-based computer, running Avid Media Composer software, in sync with their Pro Tools session. Mehr erfahren
  2. Crane Song Phoenix (TDM)
    512,00 €
    PHOENIX is a TDM plug-in suite for Pro Tools HD that is designed to put analog color into the digital domain by increasing apparent loudness without increasing gain (e.g., by modeling analog tape compression). The result is that added realism that is missing in many modeled synths, EQs and digital samplers. The five different "flavors" of PHOENIX can result in a much more musical and satisfying sound. Mehr erfahren
  3. Crane Song Phoenix 2 (AAX)
    491,00 €
    Phoenix II is an update of Crane Song's suite of TDM plug-ins designed to emulate the unique properties of a magnetic tape machine.
    Phoenix II runs both NATIVE and DSP on Avid's PT 10 AAX format. Phoenix II uses 32 bit floating point math and has a lower noise floor than the original release. Mehr erfahren
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