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  1. Merging Technologies Ovation Silver Turnkey Bundle (requires PCT)
    7.545,00 €
    Designed for cut down systems where simple audio playback is needed, Ovation Silver provides a huge amount of power for a great Price.
    Add to it the optional WebServer option to be able to take control of your show from ANY web-connected device (Desktop, Laptop, SmartPhone, TabletPC) and make your next show infinitely easier to run! Mehr erfahren
  2. Merging Technologies Ovation Gold Turnkey Bundle (requires PCT)
    8.806,00 €
    Packaged for applications where the event takes on needs relating to show control. Whether being controlled by an external show controller, or running the show itself, Ovation Gold delivers all the tools necessary to run a show, from pre-production to show-time. Mehr erfahren
  3. Merging Technologies Ovation Platinum Turnkey Bundle (requires PCT)
    9.996,00 €
    The ultimate Ovation option pack, Ovation Platinum features all the options available with the Gold, and adds to it our vast knowledge and experience in delivering a mix engine of truly astonishing size. In one Ovation Chassis, you can now harness the power of a 384-track mixer with another 384 channels of bussing, configurable in any amount of mono/stereo/surround busses that your show may need! Mix in a comprehensive Scene Snapshot and recall list with integrated glide times and all of a sudden your large-format mixing console just appeared “in the box”! Mehr erfahren
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