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  1. Tonelux EQ5P
    555,00 €
    The EQ5P is a DISCRETE Parametric Equalizer with some very unique features. Notice that the panel has no Q control. The filter Q control is in relation to the Boost and Cut control, and uses a "Constant Energy Curve" or known as "Proportional Q" that keeps the bandwidth wider at lower boost or cut levels and becomes narrow at higher boost or cut levels. This is musically pleasing. The curve is identical to many classic equalizers and is one of the reasons they are preferred over newer designs. When the PEAK button pressed, the 3 yellow "peak" buttons keep the width at a constant 1/3 octave for more precision control. Mehr erfahren
  2. AML Carnhill EZ1073
    989,00 €
    The ez1073-500 is a Class A, mic pre-amp, line amp and EQ/Filter module which occupies two slots in a 500 series rack. Fully populated with Carnhill transformers and inductors to achieve its distinctive classic sound. This high-end hand-built British module provides an affordable solution for the modern cost conscious studio. Mehr erfahren
  3. Empirical Labs DocDerr horizontal version
    999,00 €

    The brand new DocDerr from Empirical Labs is a multi-purpose channel Strip in the 500 format. It houses six different sections of digitally controlled analog processing units and doesnt brake your bank.

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  4. Tonelux TX5C
    799,00 €
    The TX5C is the new design from Paul Wolff that addresses the complex issues with compression.
    With the ability to do in-module parallel mixing of the dry signal and the compressed signal, the engineer can now enjoy the parallel or "side chaining" of an instrument with itself and come up with the perfect blend of the original and compressed signal without the problems associated with in-the-box latency. Mehr erfahren

Artikel 1-10 von 309

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