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  1. Shadow Hills Industries MonoGAMA Mic Pre
    1.599,00 €
    The Mono is the single channel API 500 series version of the GAMA (Golden Age Microphone Amp), with all the capabilities, features, and quality of the original. The Shadow Hills Mono Gama is centered around our custom discrete op-amp. This no-comprom Mehr erfahren
  2. LaChapell Audio 583e (B-Ware)
    1.199,00 €

    The 583e The Model 583E features the same amplifier stage found on the 583S including the Jensen JT-115k input transformer coupled with an ultra-clean transformer-less three-band EQ section with fully sweeping frequency controls and cut/boost setting

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  3. A-Designs EM-PEQ (B-Ware)
    1.049,00 €

    New 500 Series module sonically nods to the classic Pultec EQP-1A sound. The classic all-tube Pultec EQP-1A goes down on the record books as one of the most venerated equalizers of all time, cherished by recording and mastering engineers for its alm

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  4. Chandler Limited GERM 500 MK2
    1.199,00 €
    The Chandler Limited Germ 500 MKII 500-Series Preamp is an updated version of Chandler Limited's original Germ 500. This unit has an improved faceplate layout and nicer look. It uses classic germanium transistors in all class A, transformer balanced circuits. Mehr erfahren
  5. Avedis MA 5 - Single-ended Class A amplifier
    1.025,00 €
    Avedis Audio tells: After some requests from audio engineers, the MA5 was created for the need of a high quality microphone preamplifier in the characteristic sound of early 70's British consoles. The re-engineering in the creation of the MA5 stemmed Mehr erfahren
  6. Chandler Limited TG-2 500
    1.199,00 €

    Using the identical TG2 circuit, transistors, and transformers, the TG-2 500 delivers 10 – 60 dB of gain and uses a coarse gain control and a fine gain control as found on EMI consoles.

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  7. A-Designs P-1
    875,00 €
    A Designs Audio is proud to introduce a new line of microphone pre-amplifiers for the 500 Series. These Pre-amplifiers are original designs stemming from our inspiration of the “Quad Eight Sound”. Each has its own unique character. Depending on which microphone you use, you will be able to open a world of color and sound to inspire you and your recordings. Mehr erfahren
  8. Tonelux MP5
    799,00 €
    The MP5A is a DISCRETE mic preamp with a DIRECT INPUT on the front panel.  The MIC IN is transformer coupled in and out, and has a 20 dB PAD switch (effects both MIC and DIR), a 48V Phantom switch and a Phase or POLARITY switch.  The PAD and POLARITY switches effect both inputs.. The inner, or larger (silver) knob sets the mic pre gain and the outer smaller (black) knob controls the output level. We chose the fader control for the outer knob so the gain knob, once set, won't be bumped when adjusting the output level. Mehr erfahren
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