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  1. Rascal Audio Two-V
    1.289,00 €

    The Rascal Audio Two-V is a remarkable, dual-channel, 500-series microphone amplifier built to fully satisfy the most discerning professional who craves vintage tone, but requires more than a one-trick pony.

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  2. Maag Audio EQ2 - 500 Series
    820,00 €

    The Maag Audio EQ2™ (500 Series) is a no compromise one channel 2 band equalizer with AIR BAND®, Low Mid Frequency (LMF) bell boost from SUB to 1.4 kHz, and an INPUT ATTN to control down to –12.5 dB of attenuation.

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  3. IGS Audio Vanad 500 (B-Ware)
    639,00 €
    VANAD 500 ist ein Mikrofon/Line PreAmp im 500er Format mit symetrischen Ein- und Ausgängen (Carnhill-Transformator) und gerasterten Potis
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  4. Empirical Labs DocDerr vertical version
    959,00 €

    The brand new DocDerr from Empirical Labs is a multi-purpose channel Strip in the 500 format. It houses six different sections of digitally controlled analog processing units and doesnt brake your bank.

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