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  1. Nord Keyboard Stand EX für Stage 76/88, Piano, NEHP
    159,00 €
    Clavias height adjustable Keyboard Stand EX are designed to give you maximum stability and comfort while playing. The legs are screwed into the bottom plate attached to you instrument, preventing it from moving around as with convetional stands. The legs are made of aluminum which means they are lightweight, and also feature two different models of feet; one comfortable for sitting down and playing, and one for standing up (or using with an organ bench & pedal board). The legs are easily mounted without the use of any tools, and can be fitted in the soft case for transport. The two selectable heights are 75 or 65 cm (29.5 & 25.6 inches). Available to Nord Stage 76EX, 88EX and Nord C1 Combo Organ. Mehr erfahren
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