Audio Interfaces

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  1. QARION Analog In
    535,50 €
    QARION Analog In connects virtually any analog audio source (mixers, audio consoles, music instruments etc.) to your RAVENNA network. Mehr erfahren
  2. QARION Analog Out
    535,50 €
    QARION Analog Out hooks your analog audio devices to your RAVENNA network. Analog speakers, amplifiers, recorders or other audio interfaces can easily be integrated in your RAVENNA network. Mehr erfahren
  3. QARION AES3 In/Out
    535,50 €
    Got digital sources? Use QARION AES3 In/Out to connect your devices. QARION AES3 In/Out comes with one digital stereo input and output. You choose what you need. If you need both at the same time (Intercom), QARION AES3 In/Out allows you to do just that Mehr erfahren
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