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  1. Flux Epure V3, Extreme Definition Parametric EQ (VS3-Version)
    192,00 €
    Epure v3 is a state-of-the-art five-band equalizer designed to provide the absolute finest audio quality within the domain of digital audio processing, carefully tuned to preserve the optimal signal to noise ratio independent of the parameter settings. A sharp-edged surgical precision tool created to meet the demands of the professional audio industry. Mehr erfahren
  2. Flux Studio Session Pack
    299,00 €

    Das Studio Session Pack wurde speziell mit Blick auf Musik Produktion und Projekt Studios entwickelt. Die Studio Session Versionen der beinhalteten Software wurden an deren Ansprüche angepasst und unterscheiden sich in ihrer Funktionalität leicht von den Standard Versionen. 

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  3. Flux Solera V3, Dynamic Range Processing (VS3-Version)
    192,00 €
    Solera v3 is a comprehensive full band dynamics processor combining the power of a compressor, expander, de-compressor and de-expander, all four processing in parallel, designed to provide powerful dynamics processing for any challenging situation and still preserve, or recover, the true natural quality of the audio material without adding any artifacts. Mehr erfahren
  4. Flux Full Pack 2.2 (VS3-Version)
    921,00 €
    Full Pack 2.2 Recording, Mixing, Remixing, Mastering – The complete range of Flux:: plug-ins in one big bundle. Alchemist, Solera, Epure, Pure Compressor, Pure DCompressor, Elixir, Syrah, Expander, DExpander, BitterSweet Pro, Pure Limiter Mehr erfahren
  5. Flux BitterSweet Pro V3, Transient Designer (VS3-Version)
    139,00 €
    BitterSweet Pro is built around a new improved design of the algorithm found in Flux:: acclaimed freeware transient processor: BitterSweet. One of the main features of BitterSweet Pro is its ability to process only a certain part of the frequency spectrum, providing extended control of the transients processing and making it act like a dynamic equalizer driven by Transients and/or Sustain. Mehr erfahren
  6. Flux Syrah V3, Adaptive-Dynamics Processor (VS3-Version)
    139,00 €
    Our intention, to create a versatile truly musical and creative dynamics processor, without a complicated user interface, resulted in Syrah – A new generation dynamics processor utilizing real time dynamic detection and level dependent processing, making it automatically adapt to the music and to the beat of the audio material. Mehr erfahren
  7. Flux Alchemist V3, Multi-Band Dynamic Range Processing (VS3-Version)
    375,00 €
    Be it a serious problem with a mix, a challenging mastering project, or a restoration project with complicated dynamics, designed with professional mastering and re-mastering applications in mind, with five bands offering a complete dynamics processing section including; compressor, expander, de-compressor de-expander, and a transient processor, Alchemist provides everything you need in order to accomplish. Mehr erfahren
  8. Flux Evo Channel, The Ultimate Channel Strip Redefined (VS3-Version)
    159,00 €
    The philosophy of the analog Channel Strip, the essential element of all analog consoles, is about being efficient, fast, and making things sound great already from the start. EVO Channel is designed to be as efficient, fast and hands-on, adding the advantages of creative digital innovation in terms of workflow and sound, providing everything you need to stay in control of your sound! Mehr erfahren
  9. Flux Evo in, Phase and Drive (VS3-Version)
    75,00 €
    Two of the most important factors for taking control of the input signal, both for studio and live sound. EVO IN provide a unique precise Arbitrary and Linear Phase Rotation of the signal, to accomplish the very same phenomena as when physically moving the microphone, and a soft saturation to attain roundness and warmth, restoring and maintaining the vitality of the sound without any audible distortion. Mehr erfahren

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