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  1. MindPrint ENVOICE MK II
    699,00 €
    Microphone input with 48 volts phantom power Instrument input Line input Balanced Insert LowCut 80Hz switchable 3band parametric EQ Tubecompressor with adjustable TubeSaturation Attack/Release 8 presets switchselectable lowcut sidechainfilter, 300H Mehr erfahren
  2. MindPrint DTC Dual Tube Channel
    2.199,00 €
    microphone input with HAUFE transformer, 48 Volt phantom power instrument input line input phase reverse switch adjustable Lo Cut and Hi Cut EQ fully parametric 4 band EQ, parallel filter design balanced insert, switchable TCL: TubeCompressor/Limit Mehr erfahren
  3. MindPrint DI-MOD 24/96
    359,00 €
    High End stereo 24 Bit converter module AKM 24 Bit converter ADconverter: AK 5393 VS DAconverter: AK 4393 VS Dynamic range: >113dB(a) S/PDIF coaxial IN and OUT S/PDIF optical IN and OUT AES/EBU IN and OUT (DIMOD 24/96 AES/EBU) 44.1/48/96 kHz sampli Mehr erfahren
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