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  1. Solid State Logic SSL UF8
    1.125,00 €

    UF8 offers intuitive features that are developed from a true understanding of production workflow; Simultaneous control of multiple DAWs, multi-purpose Master Encoder for DAW timeline navigation, track banking and mouse wheel emulation for precision, hands-on control.

    Dedicated automation section and dual-purpose Selection Keys permit rapid access to select functions; solo and mute clearing in Pro Tools® and Logic Pro X®. New CHANNEL and PLUG-IN control modes provide enhanced workflows for those using UF8 with Pro Tools® - easily access your sends and plug-ins without slowing down your creativity.

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  2. Arturia KeyLab Essential 88
    369,00 €
    KeyLab Essential is simple yet highly effective, a launchpad into the exciting world of music performance and production for newcomers, and a powerful, ergonomic control solution that experienced users will love. Mehr erfahren
  3. Keith McMillen QuNexus
    199,00 €

    QuNexus is a vividly illuminated keyboard controller that is fun for beginners and a must for professionals. 25 touch-sensitive keys detect finger pressure, velocity, and tilt, giving you an unprecedented degree of musical control. Blue and white LEDs with 16 levels of brightness give you valuable feedback.

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  4. Arturia MiniLab MKII
    109,00 €
    Platzsparend, hochflexibel und robust gebaut ist MiniLab MkII die beste Wahl für Musiker und Produzenten, die wenig Platz im Projektstudio haben oder schlicht viel unterwegs sind Mehr erfahren
  5. Nektar Panorama P1
    249,00 €

    Der Panorama P1 verfügt über 9 Fader (45 mm), 16 Endlos-Drehregler, 8 LED-Tasten, 11 Transport-Tasten, 22 Navigations-Tasten und 11 Funktionstasten und einen Fußschalter-Anschluß.

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  6. Mellotron Digitales Mellotron M4000D
    2.819,00 €
    The new digital Mellotron was very well received at NAMM 2010 and Frankfurt 2010. It and has been developed by us here at Mellotron and is solely our own product and has nothing to do with any other manufacturer. Mehr erfahren
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