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  1. Lynx CBL-AES1604
    79,00 €
    The CBL-AES1604 is a 26-pin high-density male D-sub to four female XLR (8 mono AES input channels), four male XLR (8 mono AES output channels), and two female BNC's (word clock I/O) for use with Lynx AES16. Six-foot, 110-ohm shielded twisted pair cabling. Mehr erfahren
  2. Avid DB25-XLR M+F AES/EBU DigiSnake, 4'
    109,00 €
    DB25 to 4 XLR Male and 4 XLR Female.Below 192 KHz, AES/EBU carries 2 channels per line, so this snake transmits 8 out and 8 in via the 8 XLR connectors. Mehr erfahren
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