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  1. Mutec MC-7
    799,00 €
    The MUTEC MC-7 is a very flexible, high-performance Word Clock distribution amplifier and audio clock converter. In today’s studio environments, clock distribution is more significant as mostly assumed. Actually, a clock signal does more than only synchronizing digital audio devices, it does also influence the acoustical result of your recordings. Mehr erfahren
  2. Avid DB25-XLR M+F AES/EBU DigiSnake, 4'
    133,00 €
    DB25 to 4 XLR Male and 4 XLR Female.Below 192 KHz, AES/EBU carries 2 channels per line, so this snake transmits 8 out and 8 in via the 8 XLR connectors. Mehr erfahren
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