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  1. Al.So Dynax M high-end Mastering Opto Compressor / Limiter
    5.367,00 €

    Al.So (for Alternate Sounding) Dynax M is an absolutely new tool for modern dynamics processing. Dynax M is

    mastering version of the Dynax 2 with enhanced features dedicated to mastering tasks.

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  2. Drawmer 1973
    1.649,00 €

    The 1973 is a multi-band compressor with the versatility, control and ability to shape sound that no full band compressor could ever provide and at an affordable price.

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  3. SPL Transient Designer 4
    1.029,00 €

    The Transient Designer offers a completely new technology for level-independent shaping of the dynamic response of a sound: For the first time it is possible to control the attack and sustain behaviour of a signal in a very simple way! Unlike other dynamic devices, the processing is not goverened by the signal level but rather by its dynamic envelope, so all signals (loud and soft) are processed equally.

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  4. Retro Instruments 176 Tube Limiting Amplifier (B-Ware)
    3.519,00 €
    176 Tube Limiting Amplifier The Retro Instruments Retro 176 Limiting Amplifier has the largest feature set in any variable-mu design. * Precision Knob scales for easy recallability * Continuously variable attack and release time * Four s Mehr erfahren
  5. Retro Instruments Sta-Level Tube Compression Amplifier matched pair (B-Ware)
    7.699,00 €
    Sta-Level Tube Compression Amplifier The Retro Sta-Level is a replica of the legendary 1956 Gates Sta-Level. The Sta-Level dominated the sound of hit radio in the 1960's. Now these super musical sounding compressors have found their way into today's Mehr erfahren
  6. Q2 Audio ADR Compex F760X-RS
    4.389,00 €

    The unique character and spirit of the Compex Compressor can be heard on many classic recordings (think of that huge, commanding drum sound on When the Levee Breaks by Led Zeppelin, for instance).

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