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  1. Z-Systems Z8-src
    3.391,50 €
    Ever since we first produced the z-1src back in 1993, Z-Systems has been synonymous with sample rate conversion. We've been making sample rate conversion products for nearly a decade now and we pride ourselves on offering world-class sample rate converters for a reasonable price. Mehr erfahren
  2. Z-systems Z-k6 stereo-to-surround processor
    9.499,99 €
    The widespread proliferation of surround sound has brought along with it the need for repurposing, or "upmixing" legacy stereo titles for multichannel release. In many cases, the original multitrack components may not be available for remixing or it simply might not be feasible for economic reasons. The question then remains: without access to the original multitrack components, what is the best way to derive a meaningful surround upmix from the stereo source? The answer, quite often, is the z-K6 K-Surround Processor. Mehr erfahren
  3. Millennia AD-D96
    2.009,00 €


    • Stellt 8 Kanäle Analogdigitalwandlung
    • 24-bit/96kHz AES Digital Audio
    • Interne und externe Taktung mit BNC Wordclock In / Out Steckverbinder
    • DB25-Anschluss entspricht Tascams Verdrahtung Standard
    • Referenz-Niveau der 18dBFS
    • Kann an alle HV-3D-Einheiten hinzugefügt werden
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  4. Millennia AD-R96
    2.009,00 €
    • Analog/ Digital-WandlerOptionfürHV-3R
    • Diese Option stellt eine DB25 AES Digitalausgang, dass die satz unterstützt bis zu 24-bit/96kHz
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  5. Mutec MC-6
    689,00 €

    Der MC-6 konvertiert digitale AES3-, AES3id- und S/P-DIF-Audiosignale, wobei uni- und bidirektionale Konvertierungen mit bis zu 192,0kHz möglich sind. Basierend auf neuester FPGA-Technologie, bietet der MC-6 bzgl.

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  6. Prismsound 8C-AD Module 8 channel
    2.309,00 €

    The ADA-8XR is the top professionals' converter of choice in the most exacting applications in music and sound recording, mastering, broadcast and post-production. Offering the cleanest and most transparent conversion available, the ADA-8XR is ideal for producers, engineers and songwriters wanting to produce top-quality results when recording, tracking & overdubbing, mixing to stereo or surround, mastering and monitoring. The ADA-8XR is perfect for recording vocal, single instruments, drums or orchestra and is just as much at home providing multiple outputs for external analogue summing. It is in use in the top studios around the world as well as being used in numerous film sound tracks.

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