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  1. Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture Super 15
    3.319,00 €

    The Culture Vulture Super 15 is the most comprehensive Vulture to date. It incorporates all the features found on the 11th Anniversary edition such as the 7 extra distortion functions, but also now features a 2 position Presence switch.

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  2. Bricasti System 4
    16.391,00 €

    System bestehend aus: 4 x Bricast1 M7M Hallprozessor ohne Bedienfront, 1 x M10 Remote inkl. 10mtr. Remotekabel, 3 x M7-SC 25cm System-Verbindungskabel

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    899,00 €
    The second generation of the dual channel saturator is fitted with Looptrotter’s world famous solid state saturation circuit. Mehr erfahren
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