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  1. Avenson Audio IsoDI Two Optional Isolation Stages
    179,00 €

    Building on the circuitry of the SmallDI, the IsoDI adds two optional isolation stages.The main signal path is still a clean, wide bandwidth transformerless FET amplifier, but the power is generated with an isolated DC to DC converter so that you can have true ground isolation and still run the IsoDI on phantom power.
    The IsoOut jack can be a buffered, transformer isolated output to feed amplifiers or other inputs that can compromise the performance of the main signal path if connected in parallel. Now there is a way to get a clean DI signal even when there is bad stage power that causes the amp to buzz from light dimmer hash

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  2. Avenson Audio IsoGtr
    389,00 €

    The IsoGtr expands on our circuitry of the IsoDI by adding 3 additional transformer isolated instrument outputs to serve as an isolated signal splitter for sending your guitar or instrument signal to up to 4 amplifiers or effects chains

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