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  1. Avenson Audio Small DI Instrument Interface
    99,00 €
    This phantom powered active DI is the perfect instrument interface.  It transparently passes the sound of your instrument to the preamp without adding its own sound.The Small DI has a very  high impedance input FET buffer inside designed for wide bandwidth and clean reproduction.  The buffer circuit runs on +48V phantom power and is unity gain. Mehr erfahren
  2. Alyseum AL-88
    489,00 €

    The Alyseum  AL-88 is an embedded networked computer Box. It uses the Ethernet network to transport MIDI flows between any CopperLan compliant hardware and/or software applications in computers (Peer to peer functionality).

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  3. Furman CN-3600SE
    929,00 €

    Designed for Commercial A/V Installations in 220V-240V regions, the CN-3600 SE combines robust control capabilities via SmartSequencing™ Technology, advanced AC protection, AC noise filtration, and optional compatibility with the BlueBOLT® Remote Power and Energy Management Platform (BB-RS232 adaptor required, sold separately).

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