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  1. MAYAH Communication C11FM
    1.469,00 €
    The C11FM is a powerful accessory for the C11 Audio Codec family. It is an VHF-FM radio modul in 1/2 19" 1RU packaging. It receives the FM frequencies from 64 to 108 MHz insteps 10 kHz. Additionaly it provides an automatic amplification control (AGC) as well as an controllable soft muting. Mehr erfahren
  2. MAYAH Communication C11FMP
    4.219,00 €
    Includes four items: 1) VHF-FM radio module C11FM 2) C1130 IP Codec 3) C11KIT (Kit of 2 neighboring C11xx models in 19 "rack) 4) C11CFM (all cables for C11FMP) Mehr erfahren
  3. MAYAH Communication CIII-3001
    5.890,00 €
    ENTAURI III 3001 offers analog and digital inputs and outputs for mono or stereo operation. CENTAURI III 4000 can be used for independent encoding and decoding of up to 8 audio channels. The special feature is an FM-to-MPEG TS transcoding for easy streaming of up to 8 FM radio stereo programs over IP. Mehr erfahren
  4. MAYAH Communication CIII-4000MC
    9.459,00 €
    Is a dedicated IP encoder/decoder for up to 8 independent mono channels or up to 4 stereo programs. Each can be handled as a separate stream or put together in almost any desired combination. It can be used as a central communication entity for multiple outside broadcast units using SIP (EBU ACIP TECH 3326), used for communication via SendIt4.com, encode and stream the content by using MPEG Transport Stream or as TCP, or UDP/RTP streams for web distribution servers like Shoutcast, Wowza or Darwin Streaming Server. Mehr erfahren
  5. MAYAH Communication CIII-4000FM
    9.459,00 €
    Allows independent encoding of up to 8 FM radio programs (stereo or mono) into separate single program transport streams (SPTS) or one multiple program stream (MPTS) at its dedicated streaming IP output. FM signals provided digitally directly to encoder. By default MPEG Layer 2 is provided. MPEG-4 AAC or HE-AACv2 can be used optionally. Mehr erfahren
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