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  1. Oscar Sound Tech OST 801 black/schwarz
    219,00 €
    OST-801/802 Lavalier microphones have been designed to meet the most demanding requirements in all professional audio applications. These lavalier microphones provide high sound quality over a wide frequency range. Noise from clothing rubbing and mo Mehr erfahren
  2. Shure Beta 53
    425,00 €
    Shure BETA 53
    The BETA 53 is a fully adjustable omnidirectional condenser headworn vocal microphone, designed for applications where unconspicuous appearance and incredible sound quality are required. Its lightweight, adjustable Mehr erfahren
  3. Sennheiser HSP 4 EW schwarz
    569,00 €
    Sennheiser HSP 4 EW
    Headworn microphone featuring very light weight and superlative audio quality. Permanently polarized variant of the MKE platinum condenser capsule with cardioid polar pattern designed for professional "hands free" applications. The adjustable neckband is visually unobtrusive and very comfortable to wear. Mehr erfahren
  4. Shure Beta 54
    449,00 €
    Shure BETA 54
    The Shure BETA 54 is a subminiature, electret condenser headworn microphone. It provides uncompromised sound quality and reliability with minimal visibility in applications such as broadcast, theater, and touring. Despite the small size, the condenser element delivers full, clear, and natural reproduction of speech and vocals. Mehr erfahren
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