• Network mastering converter 4 x analog IN / 8x analog Out. 2 inputs can be used as pre-amp
  • Complete monitor controller A/B + 2x high end headphone connection
  • Zero latency mixer for RAVENNA network - extension for Horus/Hapi
  • Intuitive usability by touch control


Anubis is a ground-breaking new audio interface incorporating the Swiss expertise of Merging Technologies in analogue and digital, networked audio and DSP technology. More significantly, it offers unique features to any engineer or musician looking for a compact AD/DA unit with the quality you would expect from Merging, and a fully featured monitor controller that integrates with any DAW.


From the initial recording through to the final master, there are specific “missions” that require precision and control. If your mission of the day is to create a great mix, you need to be in complete control of your monitoring: reference monitors, nearfields, headphones, sources, surround mix, downmix, etc. Anubis gives you that “Mission Control” in a single, compact device that has unrivalled capabilities defined by the software application. But this is only one mission, MERGING+ANUBIS allows the user to choose the Mission Controller app that fits the task.


Anubis not only offers exceptional in-the-box features, it also allows for expanding its capabilities to any other RAVENNA/AES67 devices on the network. From stereo to 22.2 monitoring, from a four-piece rock band to a full symphony orchestra, Anubis puts you in control of any situation. Whether you are one meter from your equipment or kilometers away, take control directly from its superb touch screen, tablet or computer through the Anubis built-in web server.


This ultra-mobile and stylish unibody case offers astonishing A/D performance with a dynamic range of 139dB with equally impressive mic pres. Our pristine D/A technology ensures that you hear what your project deserves. Anubis come in two variants: Anubis Pro gives you exceptional performance up to 192kHz. If your mission is working in true high-resolution, Anubis Premium offers up to 384kHz and DXD plus DSD flavors up to 256. What else would you expect from Merging!



Expandable with an additional RAVENNA/AES67 device for more monitor outputs and/or source inputs
Surround support up to 22.2 along with all the Atmos support from 5.1.4, 7.1.4 all the way up to 9.1.6
Monitoring control over all or each of your speakers
The complete monitoring features along with Downmix, Speakers Alignment, EQ, and Bass Management support
Note: The Monitor Mission is recommended for this workflow


Thomas Römann
Technische Leitung
040 47 11 348 20

Optional plugins for MERGING+ANUBIS
Anubis can host optional plugins developed by Merging, available for purchase on the Merging Online Store 


Add-on Anubis plugin used to attenuate, reduce sibilance or harsh high-frequency sounds that come from dialogue, vocals, instruments or percussions. Sibilance is a type of sound that often seems harsh in the context of a recording. Typically, “S” and “T” are the worst offenders. The Merging+Deesser can also be used to remove the harshness of drums cymbals (Overhead mics).

Once purchased and authorised the Merging+Deeseer is available in the ultra-low latency Mixer of Anubis and ideal for singers tracking vocals live, it can also be used on mixes to remove harshness.

  • Intuitive UI and ease of operations
  • Supported from 44.1kHz up to 352.8kHz (DXD) and 384kHz.
  • Listen feature to isolate and monitor the target sibilant frequencies
  • Multiple Merging+Deesser instances supported per Anubis (from 4 to 20 depending of resources)
  • 18 Snapshots including 6 Factory Snapshots


The Eventide Blackhole add-on for Anubis is a classic Eventide reverb effect capable of producing huge spaces and out-of-this-world soundscapes.

Most reverbs are earth-bound and constrained by the physics of the real world. The Eventide Blackhole® reverb breaks the rules by allowing you to create virtual spaces that could never exist in reality (or at least the one we inhabit). At large sizes, its soft attack and lingering, harmonic tails allow it to really shine on guitars, strings, and pads. At small sizes, those very same qualities can add an angelic sheen to vocals or turn a simple drum track into an otherworldly rhythm section.

The Blackhole user interface is designed with an emphasis on user control and playability. Specifically, the knobs are easily adjusted with an up-and-down motion of the finger, and all controls produce a smooth change in the audio, allowing you to glitchlessly shape the effect as you desire.

Blackhole was designed to give you extensive control, allowing you to craft your own signature sounds. Included with Blackhole is a set of 18 Anubis Snapshots presets.

  • Reverb effect with extraordinary possibilities
  • Algorithm from the Eventide DSP4000 and H8000 hardware units
  • Intuitive UI and ease of operations
  • Supported from 44.1kHz up to 352.8kHz (DXD) and 384kHz
  • Modulation and feedback adjustable resonance parameter
  • 18 Snapshots including 6 Factory Snapshots

Anubis opens to third party add-ons
The power of Anubis can be fully realized when partnered with other trusted suppliers that enhance the productivity and utility of the appropriate Mission.

While SoundID Reference standalone software offers 3 different filter types (low latency, mixed and linear phase), Anubis enables SoundID Reference correction using Pyramix acclaimed EQ-X filter topology.

EQ-X is a mastering EQ used since many years by our mastering customers on thousands of award winning records around the world.

The state space filter design of this Extreme Definition Equalizer has been specifically optimized to deal with the highest audio resolutions while still permitting very low noise & distortion, typically offering a THD+N of better than -110dB, throughout the entire audible (and even non-audible) range. Of course, this new digital filter's topology, while designed with high sample rate in mind, also offers the extra benefits and low noise to 1FS equalization.

Anubis helps you mix in the right listening environments for your different delivery requirements.

SoundID Reference can export to Anubis different corrections curves for the room response to be flat or match a Dolby Atmos Music target, a user custom target or translation check curves (emulating cars, cellphones, laptops, etc…).

At a touch of a button Anubis can recall the required correction, for quick comparisons or changes.

All speaker sets of the same control room can be corrected.

Anubis remembers the selected correction for each speaker set and activates it as the user toggles between near fields, mid fields and any other alternate speaker set.

SoundID Reference Multichannel

MERGING+ANUBIS is the first hardware to enable a SoundID Reference correction outside of the computer. No need to worry about inserting SoundID Reference plugin or software on the DAW anymore.

SoundID Reference is a speaker and headphone calibration software from Sonarworks removing unwanted coloration and delivering accurate studio reference sound. With SoundID Reference you can stop second-guessing yourself and trust that every mix will translate. You'll hear a flat, consistent sound wherever you work from.

Anubis now supports SoundID Reference Multichannel corrections all the way to Dolby Atmos 9.1.6!

Give your studio/ OB van/ headphones a SoundID correction in no time.

For those wanting to calibrate their rooms manually, Anubis offers 336 EQ bands with trims and delays!

Since Anubis is meant to be the center of the studio, having SoundID Reference correction running brings confidence that no matter which source you are listening to (DAW, Computers, live mics, etc...) you can be confident SoundID Reference correction will be applied at the lowest possible latency.

  • Less than 0.35ms at 44.1/48 kHz
  • Less than 0.19ms at 88.2/ 96kHz
  • Close to ZERO! at 176.4/ 192kHz/ DXD and 384kHz

Whether using the monitoring or the music mission, Anubis is the perfect headphones cue station. Anubis can now run a lot more SoundID Reference corrections at the same time.

For example, a main stereo speaker set can be corrected in the control room, plus 5 simultaneous different headphones. Or a 7.1.4 speaker set plus 3 different headphones. And even a 9.1.6 speaker set plus 2 different headphones cues.

Note: When speaker sets aren’t running simultaneously, there is virtually no limit to the number of speaker sets that can be corrected with SoundID Reference. The music mission only supports stereo.

The process is as simple as this: purchase the relevant version of SoundID Reference from any Sonarworks dealer or online store, get Anubis from your favorite Merging dealer and you are ready to go!

Should you wish to run a SoundID Reference multichannel correction onto Anubis, head to the Merging online store in order to purchase an Anubis Sonarworks multichannel license.

Are you a fan of Sonarworks headphones correction? Treat yourself to one of the best headphones amps used by top engineers around the world.

Use Cases:

Merging Anubis: The Ultimate Audio Interface? Mix Engineer Lance Powell Explains

Grammy-nominated mix engineer Lance Powell (Nick Cave, Mary J. Blige, Rita Ora, Akon, and Wu-Tang Clan) explains to Headliner USA’s Will Hawkins how the Merging Technologies Anubis sits at the heart of all his studio work.



Music inspires passion as we all know, but sometimes you encounter enthusiasm so infectious that you cannot fail to be sucked into another world. And what a world we have here! As Stefan Eichinger explains, over the years the business has grown to encompass composition, recording, mixing, mastering and Neuronavigation and will soon include Dolby Atmos output.