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  1. Coleman Audio MS6R
    889,00 €
    The MS6 adds six stereo returns to any system. This model incorporates completely passive switching and XLR connections for all inputs and outputs. Six balanced stereo inputs on XLR's One balanced stereo outputs on XLR's Complete Mehr erfahren
  2. Hear Technologies Microphone Stand Adapter
    23,00 €
    Mount the Hear Back Mixer to the side of any mic stand using the clamp-on adjustable width bracke. The perfect companion to the Hear Back Mixer (HBM) and the Mix Back Talk Back Remote Control (MBR). Mehr erfahren
  3. Dangerous Music Monitor ST
    3.199,00 €
    The Dangerous Monitor ST is a remote-control accessed input source switcher/speaker switcher/cue system/talkback system /headphone amplifier all in a one rack space package. Mehr erfahren
  4. Dangerous Music Master
    7.299,00 €
    For years the top mastering engineers and the hottest mastering facilities have been using custom-designed tools that were not available to the rest of us. Until now. We have distilled the essence of those tools to create the Dangerous Master. Mehr erfahren
  5. Smyth Research Realiser A8 HDMI
    3.189,00 €
    Smyth Research Realizer A8. Innovatives virtuelles Kopfhörer-Surroundsystem. Multikanal Kopfhörerprozessor
    unter Verwendung des revolutionären SVS-Verfahren von Smyth Research, Mehr erfahren
  6. Coleman Audio SPK5+1
    889,00 €
    The SPK5+1 provides switching for five stereo outputs and one stereo sub output from a single stereo input. The sub woofer output is always on unless the sub mute switch is pushed. This allows multiple stereo speakers to be selected with or without the sub woofer. All switching is completely passive. Mehr erfahren
  7. Fostex RM-3 Rackmonitor
    689,00 €

    RM-3 is the ideal solution for monitoring needs in various space-challenged environments such as machine rooms, VTR monitoring, surveillance, mobile and stationary control rooms, theme park applications where audio monitoring is needed and the room for installation is not enough.

    Mehr erfahren
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