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  1. Neumann N 248
    699,00 €
    The N 248 supplies one stereo microphone, or two mono condenser microphones with 48 V phantom power (P48). All connectors are of XLR 3 type. The audio signal outputs are DC-free. The 5 directional patterns of the TLM 170 R can be remote controlled with rotary switches.
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  2. Neumann N 149 A
    1.149,00 €
    The N 149 A power supply generates the necessary operating voltages for M 147 Tube, M 149 Tube or M150 Tube microphones. It operates with all mains voltages from 100 V to 240 V, 50 or 60 Hz. Mains power is connected through a standard IEC 320 socket. The microphone connects via an DIN-8 connector.
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