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  1. Doepfer A-188-1D BBD 4096 Stages
    159,00 €
    Module A-188-1 is a so-called Bucket Brigade Device module.BBDs have been used to delay audio signals before digital delays dethroned the BBD based effect units. Mehr erfahren
  2. RADIAL CUBE Desktop Rack
    459,00 €
    Unlike other 500 series enclosures that are usually rack mounted, The Cube™ is designed to sit on the desktop or be carried around the studio using the convenient top-mounted handle. Mehr erfahren
  3. RADIAL PRO-ISO, passiver 2Ch Konverter
    149,00 €
    The Radial J-Iso and Pro-Iso are stereo line isolators designed to convert a professional +4dB line level balanced signal to an unbalanced -10dB consumer level device. This enables you to take the balanced output of a mixer and feed a consumer level recorder or audio input on a computer. Mehr erfahren
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