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  1. Thermionic Culture Pullet
    1.999,00 €

    The Pullet is a passive equaliser originally designed to complement the Earlybird pre-amp. The Pullet will provide a variable Q boost at 11 frequencies of 21 dB and simultaneously a cut at 11 frequencies of 21dB. In addition high top can be boosted o

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  2. Wunder Audio PEQ2 Single Module
    2.949,00 €
    PEQ2 Single Module 1 NEW output stage added to the tail end, just before output transformer, for greater maximum gain. 2 Upgraded 'NICO' transformers (Nickle/Iron/Colbalt). 3 Improved Gain switches with over 3 x the gold contact area per switch posi Mehr erfahren
  3. Wunder Audio PEQ2R - 19 Rack Mount
    2.949,00 €
    PEQ2R - 19' The PEQ2R is the 19' rack mount version of the PEQ2. It has a conductive plastic logarithmic taper output level potentiometer, which acts as an output fader, a 48V phantom power switch and a quarter inch instrument input jack. We've take Mehr erfahren
  4. Chandler Limited Little Devil Equalizer
    1.649,00 €
    Following in the rich tradition of English 60s and 70s console design, Chandler Limited enters the 500 race furiously with its new Little Devil Equalizers and Compressors. With all discrete circuits, transformer balanced everything, and the American Mehr erfahren
  5. Retro Instruments 2A3 Dual Channel EQ
    4.999,00 €
    Vintage Tube Amplifiers and Custom-Designed Transformers set the soundstage. True Passive Equalization creates Bountiful and Musical Equalization curves. The new RETRO 2A3 is designed as an ultra High-Fidelity Program Equalizer whose sonic benefits g Mehr erfahren
  6. Weiss EQ1-MK2
    6.359,00 €
    Weiss EQ1 mk2
    The Weiss EQ1 is available in four different configurations. All of them work at 24/96. The basic model is the EQ1MKII, the linear phase model is the EQ1-LP, the dynamic model the EQ1-DYN. The EQ1-DYN-LP incorporates both LP and DYN versions in one unit. The mode of operation (LP or DYN) can be chosen after power-up. All models are user-upgradeable to any other version. Mehr erfahren
  7. Amtec PEQ-10 - Pultec-Type Tube EQ
    2.399,00 €
    The PEQ-10 is an update to Amtec's impressive PEQ-1A Pultec-style equalizer. New in the PEQ-10 are a 10kHz shelf and modified peak frequencies on the HF boost section, stepped controls, upgraded components, and an improved chassis. Mehr erfahren
  8. Vermona ReTubeVerb
    1.098,00 €
    Auch wenn die Hallspirale schon ein paar Jahre auf dem Buckel hat gehört sie noch lange nicht zum alten Eisen, am Wenigsten aber ihr Klang.  Mehr erfahren
  9. Elysia museq
    4.488,00 €

    The basic idea behind this analog EQ is the combination of premium sound shaping capabilities with optimally matched parameters which enables the user to find the desired results fast and precisely.

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  10. Great River MEQ-1NV
    3.749,00 €
    The Great River MEQ-1NV is the Great River channel strip – discrete Class-A, incredibly versatile. The EQ-1NV (four-band parametric, true inductor/capacitor, ’70’s British “1081/1083”-style) is routed via the patch loop jack on the ME-1NV (two-gain-stage, dual-meter, '70's British “1073”-style mic pre). Mehr erfahren
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