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  1. Chameleon Labs 7603
    1.059,00 €
    The 7603 is Chameleon’s flagship pre-amplifier, representing a leap forward in analog design, performance, versatility and value. It is the true embodiment of our philosophy - Analog for the digital age. Mehr erfahren
  2. Chameleon Labs 7603 XMOD
    1.599,00 €

    The 7603 XMOD is identical in every way to Chameleon’s flagship 7603 pre-amplifier, except for the use of Carnhill UK manufactured input and output transformers

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  3. Chameleon Labs 7602 MKII XMOD
    1.399,00 €

    With the addition of Carnhill, UK manufactured transformers , the 7602MKII X-Mod microphone preamp delivers huge performance plus a bit more flavor of one of the most revered British mic pre’s of the past. The X-Mod gives you more of an already huge analogue sound and cuts no corners getting there through the implementation of UK iron.

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