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  1. MBHO MBP 603
    339,00 €
    The 603 microphone amplifier has a sophisticated electronic circuit which is composed of an audio frequency amplifier and a DC converter. The 603 can accomodate all different types of MBHO capsules. The usual transformer is replaced by a symmetrical output amplifier without loosing it's positive qualitites. The benefits of transformerless technology are a particularly high dynamic range in the total transmission range, an exceptionally coloration-free sound, and a frequency independent harmonic precision without partials or artifacts. Mehr erfahren
  2. MBHO MBP 680
    309,00 €
    In its construction, the MBP 680 largely corresponds to the preamp 648. As an all around preamp, the 680 is not only suitable for studio operation with 12-48 Volts, but can also be powered with batteries, for location sound recordings. The voltage converter always insures the same bias voltage at the cartridge, and thus an adherence to the acoustic and electric characteristics at a low current consumption. (1.7 mA) The MBP 680 also features a switchable voice filter/lowcut. This is ideal for outdoor and mobile recordings Mehr erfahren
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