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  1. Weiss ADC2 A/D Wandler
    8.599,00 €
    Der ADC2 is das Nachfolgemodell des bekannten Weiss Zweikanal ADC1-MK2 A/D Converters.
    Der ADC2 verwendet “state of the art” A/D chips in der bewährten “correlation technique” zur Reduktion von Wandlerfehlern. Mehr erfahren
  2. Great River MEQ-1NV
    3.749,00 €
    The Great River MEQ-1NV is the Great River channel strip – discrete Class-A, incredibly versatile. The EQ-1NV (four-band parametric, true inductor/capacitor, ’70’s British “1081/1083”-style) is routed via the patch loop jack on the ME-1NV (two-gain-stage, dual-meter, '70's British “1073”-style mic pre). Mehr erfahren
  3. Millennia HV-3D-8 mit AD96
    4.795,00 €
    8-Channel Solid State Mic Preamp, including 8-channel AD-hiking (AD-96-D)The Millennia HV-3D is an 8-channel version of the very successful and popular HV-3C stereo preamp. The HV-3D combines multiple channels to minimize redundant mechanical and electrical parts. This is a tool you can build a career around: it will remain valuable and useful no matter how far your sonic explorations take you. Acquiring an HV-3D is a step off the upgrade treadmill, a step that will ultimately save you much more than your initial investment. For pristine audio capture on location and in the studio, Millennia's HV-3D is a great option! Mehr erfahren
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