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  1. True Systems P-SOLO Ribbon
    666,00 €

    Der P-SOLO Ribbon ist die ultimative Einkanal-Lösung für Bändchenmikrofone. Zum Beispiel von Crowley and Tripp, Royer, Beyer und Blue. Die spezielle Eingangsschaltung bewahrt den speziellen Charakter eines Bändchenmikros zu 100%! Mehr erfahren
  2. True Systems P-SOLO V2
    549,00 €
    At the 119th AES Convention in NYC, TRUE Systems introduced the P-SOLO, a single channel version of the acclaimed TRUE Systems’ family of microphone / instrument preamps. While sporting the same design and sound of the TRUE Systems Precision 8 and P2 Analog preamps, this new compact, single channel, Mehr erfahren
  3. Phoenix Audio DRS-8MK2
    4.579,00 €

    8 Channel Class A Microphone pre-amplifier
    Phoenix Audio (UK) is dedicated to the development of Class A discrete technology used within high build-quality equipment designed for both the professional and the home studio environment.

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  4. Triton Audio FetHead
    69,00 €
    Enter FetHead, our newest innovation in phantom powered preamp design. While testing FetHead we noticed an overall increase of sound quality and a change of tonal character of the attached dynamic microphone towards a more open, controlled sound. Mehr erfahren
  5. TAB Funkenwerk V72M
    1.999,00 €

    Based on the historic V72s made by Siemens for Telefunken, the V72M uses one gain knob built in the European style of gain management.

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  6. TAB Funkenwerk V72S
    5.499,00 €
    Armed with the schematics of the historic V72s made by Siemens, transformer winders purchased from Boeing Surplus, and a box of NOS Telefunken tubes, Oliver started down the path.  During the development stage, Oliver sent the unit back to Hannover, Germany twice to be auditioned by former TFK engineers to make sure that he had successfully captured the sound of the historic V72s. Mehr erfahren
  7. TAB Funkenwerk V77M
    1.699,00 €

    We designed the V77M to solve this issue.  Using the same switching system as our V78M, the Input Sensitivity switch taps directly into the Input Transformer and changes the Input Impedance of the transformer.

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  8. TAB Funkenwerk V78M
    1.499,00 €

    The historic V72s came with a fixed input sensitivity of -60 dB and make-up gain of +40 dB and typical modifications of this unit allow you to attenuate the make-up gain only.  In our V78M, we split the controls into an Input Sensitivity selector and a Make-up Gain selector.

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  9. TAB Funkenwerk V71DI
    899,00 €

    Based on the design of our V72S, this unit comes with minimal distractions and the same classic sound as the full V72S.  The maximum input signal capability is +10dB before going into smooth tube break up. 

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