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  1. Focusrite ISA One Analog
    519,00 €
    The ‘ISA One’ microphone pre-amplifier delivers Focusrite's prestigious ISA transformer-based pre-amp in a rugged and portable chassis, at a groundbreaking price. ISA One features the classic vintage microphone pre-amplifier topology from the origin Mehr erfahren
  2. Wunder Audio PEQ2 Single Module
    2.999,00 €
    PEQ2 Single Module 1 NEW output stage added to the tail end, just before output transformer, for greater maximum gain. 2 Upgraded 'NICO' transformers (Nickle/Iron/Colbalt). 3 Improved Gain switches with over 3 x the gold contact area per switch posi Mehr erfahren
  3. Empirical Labs EL-9 MikeE
    2.099,00 €
    Mic Preamp Section – This is a super low noise transformer input amplifier section, with the gain digitally controlled. This section comes standard with a shielded Lundahl transformer, but provides for a Jensen transformer also. The signal to noise f Mehr erfahren
  4. Daking Mic Pre One
    879,00 €

    Das kompakte Gerät besitzt die gleichen Vorverstärker und eine ebenso diskrete Transistorschaltung (Class A) wie die bekannten Geräte Daking Mic Pre IV und Daking Mic Pre-EQ.

    Mehr erfahren
  5. LaChapell Audio 992EG
    4.229,00 €
    The 992EG The Model 992EG (Extended Gain) differs from the ‘TLS’ in input topology only. By utilizing the Jensen JT-115k input transformer and two ECC803/12AX7 vacuum tubes per channel, this configuration is able to provides >74dB of gain (usually Mehr erfahren
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