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  1. VSL Symphonic Cube Standard
    1.899,00 €
    Vienna Instruments Bundles are various combinations of Vienna Instruments Collections, organized in the categories of Strings, Winds, Percussion, Keyboards and Voices. The Bundle prices are reduced drastically compared to the single Collections. Mehr erfahren
  2. Sound Ideas Series 6000 The General
    1.179,00 €
    Recognized all over the world as the most comprehensive sound effects library of its kind, Series 6000 represents the very best in general sound effect libraries. This 40 CD collection of more than 7,500 royalty free sound effects (over 50 hours of recorded sound), reigns supreme as the industry leader in professional audio - you simply cannot get a broader selection or more detailed coverage of the must-have categories required for daily production. Mehr erfahren
  3. VSL Brass Bundle Standard
    1.779,00 €

    With this bundle you get the entire range of symphonic orchestra brass instruments, and more. BRASS I includes the standard instrumentation with trumpet, Viennese horn, tenor trombone and tuba (each recorded solo and in three-player ensembles).

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  4. VSL Special Edition Complete Bundle
    1.279,00 €

    All sounds work perfectly in a variety of musical styles, from pop and rock environments to large symphonic arrangements. With various upgrade paths you may expand your library step-by-step at any time, according to your needs and budget.

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  5. Fable Sounds Broadway Bigband
    1.899,00 €
    The instruments in this product perform with unequalled ease and comfort, allowing you to use them as centerpieces of your composition or as a delectable spice for saucy flavoring. For the very first time, you can even bring a sampled Saxophone to the forefront of your mix, knowing it´s actually going to sound like the real thing. Mehr erfahren
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