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  1. VSL Voices Complete Full
    990,00 €

    Includes 2 Vienna Instruments Collections (Full Libraries) and 2 additional Single Instruments:

    • Vienna Solo Voices
    • Vienna Choir
    • Soprano Choir
    • Vienna Whistler
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  2. ProjectSam Lumina
    526,00 €

    Featuring full orchestra, choir, smaller ensembles and a wide range of guest instruments, LUMINA dives into the world of fantasy, mystery and animation, adding depth and delicacy to your musical palette. Based on more recordings than ever before, this third volume in the SYMPHOBIA series is ProjectSAM’s most ambitious release yet.

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  3. Waves Dave Audé EMP Toolbox
    59,00 €

    There's mixing, there's remixing and then there's Dave Audé, the electronic music producer trusted by the world’s most demanding artists to turn their hits into super-hits.

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