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  1. Avid DB25-DB25 DigiSnake 12'
    129,00 €
    DIGIDESIGN DB25-DB-25 DIGISNAKE 12 MixA Output (PreFader), LR MixB Output, LR Für weitere Informationen, besuchen Sie bitte die Homepage zu diesem Produkt. Mehr erfahren
  2. JoeCo BBR1-A
    3.189,00 €
    The BBR1-A BLACKBOX RECORDER with ADAT i/o adds the ability to capture your performance from a Digital Mixing Console supporting ADAT Lightpipe (TOSlink) inputs and outputs. Alternatively, this style of BBR can interface directly with any of the high quality A-D converters which incorporate ADAT Lightpipe outputs Mehr erfahren
  3. JoeCo BBR1-D
    3.689,00 €
    AES3 (2003) i/o via 3 x 25way D-sub connectors – upper row. (Yamaha format pin out standard). Word clock input on BNC. Unbalanced analogue as BBR1U (cable looms not supplied) Mehr erfahren
  4. Tascam DA-6400
    3.777,00 €
    No dedicated recorder combines the high performance, flexible operation, and complete reliability of TASCAM’s DA-6400 solid-state 64-track recorder. Mehr erfahren
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