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  1. CB Electronics PD-1 - Film style monitor panel
    3.930,00 €
    The PD-1 is a new concept in DAW monitoring based on the film mixing concept of the ”PEC/Direct” panel that allows you to mix with separate Dialog, Music and Effects Stems (sub-mixes). You can monitor any combination whilst preserving the ability to ‘Solo in Place’ any source track. The solo, mute and source/playback switching are implemented within the DAW. The audio is mixed within the workstation to generate the individual monitor feeds (LCRS...). This reduces both cost and complexity by eliminating external connections and hardware. Mehr erfahren
  2. CB Electronics SR-3HD - Serial Remote Control
    4.460,00 €

    The SR-3 may be used with a Digital Audio Work-station or Video Editor to provide control of up to 3 machines from one serial port. The record tracks are mapped so that the Serial input may have up to 64 record tracks. The timecode input enables the SR-3 to act as a timecode to serial converter. Mehr erfahren
  3. CB Electronics SR-4HD - Serial Remote Control
    4.460,00 €
    The SR Series remote controls have been designed using experience gained from the MR series remote control system. Designed as a stand alone controller or to be used with a Digital Audio Work-stations the SR serial remotes make cost effective ergonomic solutions. Mehr erfahren
  4. ALVA Loopback for RME ADI‐6432 (D-Loop-T)
    49,00 €

    ALVA-Kabel Produkt, das eine Reihe von Audio-Kabel undWerkzeuge in eine solide und technisch aktuelle Qualität ist. Alsperfekte Ergänzung zu den professionellen Audiogeräten Bereichergänzen, finden sie ein breites Spektrum ALVA verdrahtet,professionelle Leitung und hilfreiche Werkzeuge.

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  5. ALVA AES/EBU Pinout Format Konverter FCTY (AES25T-25Y05)
    39,00 €
    ALVA-Kabel Produkt, das eine Reihe von Audio-Kabel und Werkzeuge in eine solide und technisch aktuelle Qualität ist. Als perfekte Ergänzung zu den professionellen Audiogeräten Bereich ergänzen, finden sie ein breites Spektrum ALVA verdrahtet, professionelle Leitung und hilfreiche Werkzeuge.
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