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  1. Konig & Meyer 23510 Microphone Bar
    14,50 €

    The flexible microphone bar for microphone stands. Two moveable bars position the microphone where ever you would like it. Each bar is fitted with a captive knurled screw. The entire bar can be screwed onto all standard microphone stands with a 3/8“ threaded connector.

    L: 217 mm, weight: 0.16 kg

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  2. Konig & Meyer 23770 Microphone Angel
    105,00 €
    Lightweight, 4-piece glass fibre rod combination, extra long. Supports 0.5 kg. Microphone cable can be routed through the tubing. Padded, anti-slip grip section. Folds compactly into a practical carrying case.
    Weight: 0.8 kg, H: 1200/4600 mm. Mehr erfahren
  3. Konig & Meyer 23850 Microphone Desk Arm
    89,00 €
    Easy running microphone desk arm with 3/8" or 5/8" thread for studios and multi-media workstations; black powder-coated. Easy to handle. The microphone arm keeps the position which you select. The included screw-on clamp (adjust-able up to 55 mm) or the additional available table flange offer a multi-purpose use. Max. load capacity 0.8 kg. 5 m microphone cable (3-pole XLR connection) is included.
    Arm lengths: 460 mm + 500 mm. Mehr erfahren
  4. Konig & Meyer 24180 Boxes wall bracket
    31,00 €
    Two adjustable brackets 20 x 98 mm and 24 x 98 mm, tilt angle to 15°. Wall clearance 105 mm.
    GS-approved for loads up to 10 kg. Wt: 0.65 kg. Mehr erfahren
  5. Konig & Meyer 24185 Boxing holder
    25,00 €
    Mounts to walls and ceilings. Mounting plate 95 x 80 mm. Adjustable to any angle by special swivel ball joint assembly. Wall clearance: 175 mm.
    GS-approved for loads up to 8 kg. Wt: 0.7 kg Mehr erfahren
  6. Konig & Meyer 24195 Boxing holder
    34,00 €
    Wall and ceiling bracket for speakers, adjustable, additional security by wire cable. Wall clearance 271 mm.
    Spacing of hole (speaker plate): 78 - 83 mm. Load capacity up to 15 kg. Wt: 0.95 kg. Mehr erfahren
  7. Konig & Meyer 24471 Boxes wall bracket black
    49,00 €
    Multi-purpose wall mount for speakers. The mounted speaker can be swiveled to the sides and tilted up to 30°. Easy mounting by convenient hooking in and screw locking.
    Wall distance: 110 mm. Wall plate: 90 x 160 mm. TÜV type approved for loads up to 15 kg. Wt: 0.9 kg. Mehr erfahren
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