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  1. CB Electronics GD-1
    3.210,00 €
    Giant Display Our Giant Display reads and displays EBU/SMPTE/FILM Longitudinal Timecode or User Bits in 5 inch high, 7 segment red LED displays wih simple, remotable, two switch operation. Mehr erfahren
  2. CB Electronics LD-1
    2.140,00 €
    2U Display, wall or rack mounting, 1.75" high characters Record and Lock indicators Use with the FC-1 or MC-1 to display Footage. Mehr erfahren
  3. CB Electronics P2MMC-USB
    710,00 €
    The Tascam P2MMC Interface uses experience gained from both the SR and MR series remote control system. Designed to be used with existing consoles and DAW's and synchronisers the interface will connect any Sony P2 Protocol serial port to the MX2424 Midi Port.
    This Interface may be used as a serial slave with most RS422 editors/synchronisers Mehr erfahren
  4. CB Electronics USB-422
    250,00 €

    CB Electronics have for a number of years used USB-RS232 interfaces both with and without RS232-RS422 converters. In designing the USB422 we used the experience with many different manufactures to chose the best combination of hardware and drivers. Mehr erfahren
  5. CB Electronics TC-1HD
    3.210,00 €
    Our dedicated TIMECODE/READER/GENERATOR contains the basic building block of all our TC units, our Multi Standard EBU/NTSC Longitudinal Timecode Reader/Generator. Any standard Timecode may be read and displayed, from 1/20th to 80 times play speed and visual indications of the Frame Rate, Drop Frame, Colour Frame and Good Code status of the recovered code are also provided. Mehr erfahren
  6. CB Electronics VS-1
    3.810,00 €
    Our VIDEO STREAMER is a replacement for traditional methods of providing cues with film which involve pre-listen heads and chinagraph pencil wipes, punch frames, etc for visual and audio cues.
    It combines all the facilities of our TCR Reader/ Generator/ Inserter to provide a powerful and flexible PostProduction Cueing System. Mehr erfahren
  7. CB Electronics TG-2HD
    5.000,00 €
    AS TG-1 but with RS422 In and Out:
    Use with standards converter for making copies or will also slave PAL video @ 24fps..
    The Timecode Gearbox is used whenever you have to mix code standards, normally because someone has supplied you with an Audio or Video and a different standard or Frame rate:- Mehr erfahren
  8. CB Electronics FC-1HD
    3.210,00 €

    FC-1 Filmcoder is our Bi-Phase to Timecode Converter which utilises our EBU/NTSC Multi Standard LTC Generator to generate Timecode derived from an external source of Bi-Phase or Pulse and Direction.
    Timecode generation may be referenced to XTAL, VIDEO, EXT, LINE or FILM and the integral ELECTRONIC GEARBOX allows any of the standard EBU/NTSC Timecodes to be generated from any Standard Film Speed. Mehr erfahren
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