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  1. Yamaha MB2000 Peak Meter Bridge
    1.829,00 €
    MB2000 Peak Meter Bridge is a complete level-monitoring station for the DM2000. 48 12-segment level meters can be used individually or in pairs to display pre-EQ, pre-fader, or post-fader input channel signal levels. The same meters can also display levels on the console’s eight buses, 12 auxiliary sends, and four stereo matrix buses. A separate 32-segment stereo meter is provided for the main stereo program. The MB2000 also features a time-code display for complete, centralized visual monitoring. Mehr erfahren
  2. Keoda Hercule
    595,00 €

    Hercule - monitor-stand height adjustable, very strong for power monitors. With its weight, it absorbs vibrations and doesn't deform as a result the quality of listening, adaptable to all kinds of speakers. We are the only ones who adapt our speaker stands to your monitor speakers.

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  3. Argosy Eclipse for Nuage with 2 Faders
    6.479,00 €

    Eclipse is designed and engineered to accommodate the Yamaha Nuage and allows you to create, and later expand, your console to adapt to your needs

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