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  1. Microtech Gefell INA 5 R
    3.565,00 €
    The INA 5 R is an extended version of the INA 5th It has built-in elastic holder and integrated cable management. The surround arrangement can be expanded with a special rain-and wind protection and relays the microphone in and outdoor use. Mehr erfahren
  2. Schoeps ORTF Surround Outdoor Set
    10.387,00 €
    4-channel Set with microphones for outdoor ambience recordings in surround
    Set contains: WSC ORTF Surround H, 4 * CCM 41 L, K Surround 20 M, AK Surround M/4U inkl.PS-H, microphone suitcase MAX505 Mehr erfahren
  3. Schoeps OCT Surround Set
    10.489,00 €
    5-channel-Set for recordings in OCT surround technique with microphones and stereo Bars
    Set contains: 2 * CCM 41 L, 3 * CCM 4 L, 2 * MAB 1000 without transport case, CB-MAB, KMAB 1000, 5 * SGC, 5 * K 5 LU, Case for microphone Set Mehr erfahren
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