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  1. Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2
    395,00 €

    Omnisphere 2 offers a host of hybrid synthesis and new control capabilities including Variable Waveshaping DSP synthesis, Granular synthesis, Timbre Shifting, FM, polyphonic Ring Modulation, high-resolution streaming Sample Playback, Harmonia™, Dual Multimode Filter structure, Chaos Envelopes™, an advanced Unison mode, and the innovative Flex-Mod™ modulation routing system.

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  2. Spectrasonics Trilian
    239,00 €
    Whether you´re looking to anchor your mixes with a giant vault of amazing Bass patches, or you´re searching for a versatile instrument to create your own unique Bass sounds... there´s no other Bass instrument out there with the tone, variety and flexibility of Trilian -it´s simply in a class by itself. Mehr erfahren
  3. u-he ACE
    69,00 €

    ACE belongs to a new generation of synthesizers developed with the latest, fastest computers in mind. ACE offers classic modular synthesis and more at a fraction of the cost of dedicated hardware.

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  4. u-he Bazille
    145,00 €

    Bazille is a large modular system combining digital oscillators with analogue-style filters and modelled effects, with a flexibility that only modular patching can provide.

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