TC Electronic DB-8 MKII Dual Stream HD SDI

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2 x 8 channel SDI Embedder and De-Embedder for SD and HD formats. (Including digital hardware bypass on both SDI signal paths)Ideal for a Multiplex Radio Transmission suite, the equivalent of 4 DBMAX's and more. 48 bit. Remote control via TCP/IP. 4 Channel Stereo, individual channel processing and delay control. 5.1 up and down conversion, True Loadness and Multiband processing.4 Engine broadcast processor for mono, stereo and 5.1. Low Latency,Loudness control and limiting according to ITU TC and BS: 1770 standards, up-Conversion and on-line delay. PC and Mac Editor included.Consistency in loudness is the single most important audio issue to get right in broadcast. That is the reason why DB-8, around the world, is the most widely used digital transmission processor today. It has set a new standard for real-time loudness control and format conversion, and pioneered support of both analog and digital feeds from one and the same machine.