FLEA M 251

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The Flea M 251 is a meticulous recreation of the legendary Telefunken ELA M 251 tube large diaphragm condenser microphone. 

The Flea M 251 features Tim Campbell’s CT12 capsule, a replica of the edge-terminated, gold-plated CK12, and carefully selected 6072A tubes. The M251 also includes Flea’s identical T 14/I transformer clone delivering the unmistakable sonic character of the microphone.

All wiring is based on the last upgrade made by Andreas Grosse, and all connecting parts, pins and terminals are gold-plated, ensuring the best performance and lower noise.


  • Exact clone of the legendary ELA M 251 microphone
  • Tim Campbell's CT I2 capsule - exact replica of the CK12
  • Selected 6072A tube
  • Our identical clone of T14/ I transformer
  • All important connecting parts, pins, and terminals are gold-plated.
  • Wiring is based on the last upgrade from Andreas Grosser, which makes this microphone less noisy.
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