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  1. Hear Technologies Hear Back Hub
    899,00 €
    Hear Back is perfect for onstage or in the studio. With this Personal Monitor Mixer System, each performer is assured a perfect mix with every performance. With fast and easy set up, Hear Back offers expandable and inexpensive solutions to control your mix Mehr erfahren
  2. Fredenstein F601A
    669,00 €

    Arbeitet wie der F601, jedoch als Besonderheit lassen sich sowohl Eingangs- und Ausgangsübertrager
    getrennt ein- und ausschalten.

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  3. Telefunken M81-WH Wireless Capsule
    329,00 €

    Designed for use with the Shure® brand wireless microphone transmitters, the TELEFUNKEN Elektroaukustik M81-WH is a wireless capsule head featuring the same physical and sonic characteristics as the M81 Universal Dynamic.

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