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  1. Hear Technologies Hear Back PRO Four Pack, Waves Input
    5.349,00 €

    This is it – the simplest, most affordable digital solution to get everyone the mix they need to perform their best.

    (4) PRO Mixers, (1) Hub Frame, (1) Waves card, (1) Network Card, (4) 50' CAT6

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  2. Hear Technologies Hear Back Hub
    899,00 €
    Hear Back is perfect for onstage or in the studio. With this Personal Monitor Mixer System, each performer is assured a perfect mix with every performance. With fast and easy set up, Hear Back offers expandable and inexpensive solutions to control your mix Mehr erfahren
  3. Royer Labs SF-2
    2.479,00 €
    The SF-2 ribbon microphone is a phantom powered version of our original SF-1 ribbon microphone. Designed primarily for classical applications and acoustic instruments, the SF-2 combines high-quality audio performance with our exclusive active electronics for ribbon microphones. The SF-2's output of -38 dB puts its sensitivity on par with that of phantom powered condenser microphones, allowing it to be used with a wide variety of mic pre's regardless of gain characteristics. The unique electronics and custom designed FET's used in the SF-2 deliver ultra-quiet operation, with self-noise of lower than 18 dB. Mehr erfahren
  4. Rode NTG-8
    899,00 €

    Like the NTG3, the NTG8 features low self-noise, natural sound without colouration both on and off-axis, and RF bias technology to ensure that it is almost completely resistant to high humidity environments which could cause other condenser microphones to fail.

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  5. Crane CV1 Black
    49,00 €
    Universeller Notebook Ständer
    kompaktes Packmaß (35 x 32 x 2,8cm)
    Schnellspannverschlüsse zum Schnellen auf und Abbau
    inkl. Tasche und Subtray zur Ablage von Soundkarten
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  6. Telefunken M81 Universal Dynamic
    319,00 €

    The TELEFUNKEN M81's tailored frequency response makes the microphone exceptional on electric guitars, percussion, rack and floor toms, and brass instruments.

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