Heritage Audio Tubesessor

Heritage Audio Tubesessor

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TUBESESSOR - Optical Tube Compressor

The Heritage Audio TUBESESSOR is an optical tube compressor with an absolute sweet, warm and natural dynamic control possible, but also the possibility to spice up the sound up on occasion.

Tube compression, especially based on an optical design, is generally considered to be warmer than VCA and FET designs, and it tends to provide a very pleasant, more natural, smoother result. This has made it the preferred choice for seasoned engineers and producers that want to provide a very transparent control over a signal while offering a hint of enhancement but keeping true to the original tone. For this very reason optical tube compressors are usually the first thing one reaches for when dealing with critical vocals and bass signals. The TUBESESSOR is the perfect option for this.

Analog excellence is achieved by combining an all tube-based amplification stage with an outstanding UTC A10 input transformer replica by AMI, as well as a custom all-silicon steel output transformer. With an elevated internal operating voltage you can be sure the TUBESESSOR will heat up any signal while also maintaining its character and vibe. No starved plate circuits here! Never has dynamics control been so easily obtainable while at the same time so invisible. Even with generous amounts of gain reduction being applied anything processed with the TUBESESSOR still maintains its clarity and depth.

Thanks to the TUBESESSOR´S three unit high front panel you´ll find plenty of room to adjust the large Herchild-style knobs making it a breeze to achieve the desired sound. No cramped spaces here, just plenty of space to easily and quickly adjust the settings to taste.

Now, we all know it would not be a Heritage Audio product without our expertise and passion channeled into a couple key features that take the TUBESESSOR to another dimension.

First of all, for those times when a bit more texture and bite is called for, there´s nothing better than a little saturation…or maybe a lot. The innovative TUBE SATURATION section takes full advantage of a creamy sounding NOS Raytheon double triode tube to add in just a pinch of aggression or fully transform the signal into something ready for war. It, importantly, works in tandem with the custom output transformer to produce the right harmonic content. There are 4 available settings that vary from CLASSIC, no saturation, all the way to HOT, a heavily treated signal. This feature alone opens up a ton of possibilities for drums and other instruments vastly expanding the TUBESESSOR´S uses. And thanks to Heritage Audio´s use of an audiophile-grade Psvane dual output triode in a totem pole configuration, a solid output stage is guaranteed all while allowing much higher headroom than other tube compressors, whether vintage or modern.

Secondly, there are also five internal sidechain filter settings to choose from. This is the exact same filter section that helped the SUCCESSOR obtain its legendary status. Two of the options make sure the compressor is not being unfairly overpowered by lower frequencies and the other three are frequency specific options for extra creativity.

Continuously adjustable ATTACK & RELEASE controls in addition to a FIXED mode and a combination of the two will provide all the necessary settings possible, allowing you to mold your signal exactly as you´d like. A huge, attractive custom VU meter for monitoring either Input, Output or Gain Reduction guarantees you´ll always be informed with a clear reading of exactly what is happening. Everything you could possibly require to achieve a top-notch professional recording.

As is the case with other tube offerings from Heritage Audio, the company has sourced NOS tubes for a lifetime, making sure your investment is safe and sound.


  • Optical Compression Detection
  • All Tube-Based Amplification Stage
  • Fully Transformer Balanced Input & Output
  • Tube Saturation Section
  • Large Friendly Interface
  • Extensive Attack & Release Control
  • 5 Built-In Sidechain Filtering Options
  • Huge Informative VU Meter
  • Built Like A Tank

Technical Specifications

  • Connectors: XLR (in/out), TRS (link)
  • Gain: -10dB to +30 dB
  • Ratio: 2:1 to 10:1
  • Threshold: 10dB to -40 dB
  • Sidechain Filters: HP: 80 Hz, 160 Hz, 5kHz, Peak: 1kHz
  • Tubes: CK5755, 12BH7A
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 482 x 134 x 153 mm
  • Weight: 3.364 kg
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