Steinberg Cubase Pro 13

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Steinberg Cubase Pro 13 Box/Download
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Cubase Pro 13

Cubase Pro 13 introduces fantastic new features and workflow enhancements for composing, producing and mixing, which support you when your creativity is flowing. From a fresh redesign of the MixConsole, a new VocalChain plug-in, new chord pads, the included Iconica Sketch orchestral library to exclusive new sample packs by Grammy-winning producer Beat Butcha & creative mastermind Sharooz, Cubase Pro 13 will bring your creative ideas to life better than ever. From electronic beats to orchestral arrangements, Cubase is flexible enough to adapt to any genre, catering to the creative needs of artists of all styles.

• Award-winning 64-bit floating-point Steinberg audio engine with up to 192 kHz
• Unlimited number of audio/MIDI/Instrument tracks
• Complete effect suite with over 80 high-end audio and MIDI VST effect processors
• Outstanding VST Instruments with over 3.000 included instrument sounds, HALion Sonic SE 3, Groove Agent SE 5, Padshop 2 and Retrologue 2
• Dolby Atmos support
• NEW: Channel tab in the project window
• NEW: VocalChain plug-in for professional-sounding vocal tracks
• NEW: Chord Pads – incl new presets and enhanced functions
• NEW: Iconica Sketch orchestral library
• NEW: Steinberg Vocoder
• NEW: Black Velve tube compressor
• And many more….

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