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  1. Dangerous Music 2-Bus +
    3.999,00 €

    Der neue 2-BUS+ (gesprochen "Tu Bass Plass") ist ein analoger 16-Kanal Summierer in 2HE, mit sowohl XLR als auch D-Sub Inputs.

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  2. Yamaha RMIO64-D
    2.998,00 €

    Quietly Unobtrusive, Extraordinarily Versatile

    The RMio64-D Dante/MADI conversion I/O rack is here. It supports a wide range of broadcast and live sound applications with extraordinary flexibility, and without getting in the way.

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  3. Yamaha DCH8 Control Panel Hub
    285,00 €
    Yamaha has announced a new addition to the Commercial Installation Solutions lineup. The DCH8 Digital Controller Hub allows control lines for up to eight DCP series Digital Control Panel units to be connected to a Yamaha MRX7-D signal processor or MTX series matrix processor. Mehr erfahren
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