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BAE Audio 1073MP dual channel w/power supply
1073MP FeaturesThis is the mic pre-amp version of the 1073 equaliser having the same well-known characteristic Class A sound with its harmonically rich low end, slight resonant highs, and maintained focused mids.A transformer coupled input, with two selectable impedances makes the 1073MP work well with a variety of microphones.There is also a line input feature for adding depth to 2-bus mixes and a DI input for all passive and active instruments.As a coloured and versatile mic-pre, the 1073MP maintains its sonic signature across a wide bandwidth. All Class A, transformer-coupled design in a 19" 1U chassis. Line level XLR inputs for extra versatility as a line preamp. High impedance DI for guitar and synth. The same Class A components as the 1073 and 1084. Illuminated phase reverse and phantom power push-buttons. Input impedance selector switch between 1200 and 300 ohms. Same modular design and hand-wiring BAE is known for. Regulated linear power supply will run up to four channels. "I just got my 1073MP and I couldn't be happier. I've been using various BAE pres in other studios for years, but never had a pair in my own home studio. I absolutely love this unit being in my rack and now my vibe here at my studio was just elevated so much. Thanks for making some of the best gear out there!!!!" - Mike Castonguay, Lukewarm Freeda Productions

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Trident Audio 80B 500 Series Preamp
A Trident Console for Your 500 Series Rack. The Trident Audio Developments 80B packs the sound of the company's storied '80s-era consoles into a full-featured 500 Series module. This pristine-sounding, transformer-coupled mic pre captures sources with an ultra-fast transient response, near-imperceptible self-noise, and minimal distortion. For added studio flexibility, the 80B includes a balanced line input and a front-panel hi-Z input, along with separate microphone and line-level controls.

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Trident Audio A-Range 500
Overview The legendary A-Range® equalizer holds a unique place in audio history, with a stunningly musical sound that resulted from its all-discrete transistor circuitry and the use of inductors in the upper and lower mid bands. The A-Range® is a faithful re-creation of the original four band Trident A-Range® equalizer in a 500 module format, that will add the unique Trident signature to any programme material. Introduction The legendary A-Range® equaliser holds a unique place in audio history, with a stunningly musical sound that resulted from its all-discrete transistor circuitry and the use of inductors in the upper and lower mid bands. The A-Range® s a faithful re-creation of the original four band Trident A-Range® equaliser in a 500 module format, that will add the unique Trident signature to any programme material. The mid frequency EQ sections are “peaking”, while the high and low frequency sections are “shelving”. A distinguishing feature of both the original A-Range® console and this module, is the use of faders for level adjustment, rather than rotary potentiometers. These faders feature a useful centre detent at mid travel to denote zero boost or cut of the selected frequency. The use of faders makes it very easy to see not only how much equalisation is being applied. Each band is rotary-switch-selectable to one of four frequencies, while individual push buttons engage the three high pass and three low pass filters. An LED peak level indicator is included to warn when levels get too high. The Line level input and output are balanced for maximum signal integrity & high output levels with minimum distortion. The difference between shelving and peaking equalisers are as follows. A shelving equaliser boosts or cuts all frequencies equally, above or below a certain frequency, usually the point where it effectively reaches its “shelf” state. A “high shelf” EQ boosts or cuts high frequencies and a “low shelf” type boosts or cuts low frequencies. This type of circuit is very popular in hi-fi systems but is also actually highly musical when applied in a recording environment. In contrast, a peaking equaliser is one that, as its name implies, has a centre frequency that is boosted or attenuated more than others. The frequency range over which it reaches its peak and then falls down is known as the bandwidth (or “Q”). Because this type of design reaches a peak and then falls away, it is possible with this type of circuit to “home in” on particular frequencies and make adjustments without affecting those around them. This can be particularly useful when working with instruments such as bass guitars and snare drums. By incorporating both shelving and peaking equalisers into the design of the versatile A-Range®, it is possible to get the best of both types of design.

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Trident Audio 68 Console 16 Channel
The Series 68 analog consoles have been developed to deliver the core feature set most often needed for analog recording. The 68’s are Split/lnline consoles with individual channels in 8-way panels. Using an 8 subgroup configuration and incorporating 6 Aux sends, its routing options are vast and simple to use. Connections are fast and easy with DB-25’s throughout the board and XLR’s for Master and Main outputs. With a flexible yet powerful 3 band EQ at its core, including selectable channel inserts and monolithic preamps driving the inputs, the Series 68 consoles offer a wide array of summing and mixing options. The sonic quality and compact footprint of the 68’s are able to meet any demand. Modularity Throughout The 68’s by design are manufactured to be a more cost effective variant of the fully modular 78’s. Incorporating a similar chassis design and the LED meter bridge, the 68’s have a rugged and proven core. Using a simi-modular design the 68’s are able to effectively reduce their overall costs without a significant sacrifice to serviceability. All input channels are individual boards, faders included, each in a 8 channel pack. Subgroups are individual boards, faders included, each in a 8 channel pack. Master Channel is an individual channel separated from all others. Split/Inline Console: Since the inception of this configuration by Trident Audio on the A-Range console in the late 1960’s it has been adopted throughout the industry and remains a standard configuration for our consoles today. Dual Inputs to the channels with line and monitor inputs 3 Band EQ with sweeping mid bands and selectable low and high bands 27dB of headroom Channel Inserts Selectable EQ Path Microphone Preamp: The 68’s incorporate a new high-quality wide bandwidth preamp design. These preamps have lots of headroom with very low noise, low distortion, a high slew rate, and high gain fully capable of driving ribbon microphones. 65dB gain preamp Balanced inputs Balanced inserts with full bypass Input Reverse Switch Mic/Line Switch Phantom Power Switch Flexible EQ: The 68’s incorporate an all-new 3 Band EQ derived from the Series 80 Console EQ. As the main channel EQ throughout the console. A three band Trident EQ with overlapping frequency ranges is provided along with a switchable high pass filer. The HIGH and LOW sections of the equalizer have a shelving response and the MID has a peaking (bell) response with two selectable bandwidth settings. Sweepable high band between 1k and 15k Sweepable mid band between 200Hz and 3k Sweepable low band between 40Hz and 650Hz Selectable mid bandwidth between 1 and 1/3rd octave50Hz High Pass Filter Master Section: The master section of the 68’s are laid out for ease of use and have all the necessary features to manage your monitors, talkback, and stereo returns.The 68’s master channel is an independent from the rest of console to ensure that your console’s master output functions can be easily and quickly serviced with little or no downtime. Main & Alt Monitor Control Mute, Dim & Mono Controls Onboard Headphone with Gain 8 Subgroups Two 2 Track Returns Subgroup Monitor Returns 1 Stereo AUX 8 Stereo FX Returns 1/8″ TRS Selectable Input Onboard Talkback Selectable Insert Return

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Burl Audio B2 Bomber DAC
The B2 Bomber DAC is the result of tireless digital to analog research and development. As a result the B2 DAC features unique class-A, discrete op-amps with passive filtering. This makes the B2 DAC ideal for monitoring.  Couple this with state of the art conversion technology and the B2 Bomber DAC delivers sonic purity and dynamics thus far unheard of. As a compliment to the B2 ADC, the B2 DAC punches you in the chest with low end while the 3D spaciality and stereo spread give you amazing detail throughout the spectrum. Add to that a sweat tone that is easy on your ears, and you have a unit that you will instantly fall in love with! Both the B2 ADC and B2 DAC feature identical, incredibly low jitter clocking, precision metering and stepped attenuators.  Couple the B2 ADC with the B2 DAC and you have the B2 Bomber Master Signal Chain, a force to be reckoned with. 44.1k Hz to 192k Hz, 24 bit, 2 channel ADC Proprietary custom design BOPA1, all discrete op-amps Passive filters All class-A Zero capacitor signal path Audiophile quality 6 position attenuator with standard headroom settings High definition metering with simultaneous RMS and peak indication Two AES and one SPDIF input with dual AES wire support BNC word clock input with two outputs of extremely low jitter clock Frequency response at 48kHz sample rate is 10Hz to 22kHz, +/- 0.1dB Frequency response at 96kHz sample rate is 10Hz to 30kHz, +/- 0.1dB, -0.3 dB @ 40kHz Frequency response at 192kHz sample rate is 10Hz to 30kHz, +/- 0.1dB, -1.5 dB @ 90kHz 115dB Dynamic Range -96 dB THD+N, full scale output = +18dBu Rugged, Made in USA design Check with dealers for pricing

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Retro Instruments 176 Tube Limiting Amplifier
176 Tube Limiting Amplifier The Retro Instruments Retro 176 Limiting Amplifier has the largest feature set in any variable-mu design. * Precision Knob scales for easy recallability * Continuously variable attack and release time * Four settings of compression ratio from soft compression to limiting (2:1, 4:1, 8:1, 12:1) * Wide-Range Sidechain Highpass Filter * Vocal Assymetry Tool * Hard-wire Bypass Switch * Interstage Transformer Bypass Switch * High Quality VU Meter switchable between Input, Output and Gain Reduction * XLR input and output connections * IEC power connector * 115/230V AC Mains * Integral tube balance test * Easy stereo strapping of two or more units * Selected NOS tubes and components Specifications for the Retro 176 include: * 20 dB of available gain reduction * Signal to noise ratio of greater than 76dB * Flat frequency response within 0.5dB from 20-20,000Hz and Harmonic Distortion of less than 1% from 0-15dB gain reductionFür weitere Informationen, besuchen Sie bitte die Homepage zu diesem Produkt.

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Retro Instruments Sta-Level Tube Compression Amplifier
Sta-Level Tube Compression Amplifier The Retro Sta-Level is a replica of the legendary 1956 Gates Sta-Level. The Sta-Level dominated the sound of hit radio in the 1960's. Now these super musical sounding compressors have found their way into today's hits. The Retro Gold Edition celebrates fifty years of the products existence. The Sta-Level uses the coveted 6386 tube in a classic G.E. circuit design. Alternatively, the Gold Edition Sta-Level uses a pair of commonly available 6BJ6 tubes (stock). The customer has the choice to use their own 6386 they provide or the 6BJ6 provided with the purchase of the unit. The choice is yours and the sound is undeniably true to the original either way. The original 6386 compressor developed by G.E., utilized a novel program controlled release circuit. The Sta-Level implementation creates density and consistency while minimizing typical compressor side-effects at up to 40dB of gain reduction! The program path is transformer balanced throughout to cancel control-induced distortion. Push pull circuitry with 6V6 output stage provides wide voltage swing for gain control and line output. The result is that the Sta-Level brings a uniquely familiar intimacy, air and warmth to your tracks. Revisions to the original design include; Tube balance can be instantly aligned without test equipment; Uses 6386 tube or a pair of 6BJ6 tubes; Two or more Sta-Levels can be coupled together for stereo, surround or sidechain operation; XLR transformer balanced input and output; IEC Power Connector; Hand matched audiophile-grade coupling capacitors; High quality, custom wound transformers used throughout; Internal component safety cover.Für weitere Informationen, besuchen Sie bitte die Homepage zu diesem Produkt.

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A-Designs REDDI
A-Designs REDDI REDDI is a fire-engine red tube direct box with an unquestionable quality of sound. This is best foot forward in giving the audio world a truly remarkable product at an affordable price.The REDDI has been field tested and referred by recording engineers to be the "best tube DI ever made".With wider bandwidth and just the right amount of gain, the REDDI stands clear and clean above the competition.Great for Basses, Guitars, Synths and electronic instruments that require a direct box for recording, the REDDI is READY to give you unsurpassed sound for that perfect recording or live performance.A Designs believes REDDI will set the NEW Benchmark for tube direct boxes!

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