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  1. Smart Research C1LA Stereo/Dual Ganged Compressor
    1.455,00 €

    The Smart Research C1LA is a two channel compressor/limiter, released to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the original C1 Stereo/Dual Mono unit, and the 50th anniversary of North American distributor, Sunset Sound.

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  2. Rascal Audio Two-V
    1.289,00 €

    The Rascal Audio Two-V is a remarkable, dual-channel, 500-series microphone amplifier built to fully satisfy the most discerning professional who craves vintage tone, but requires more than a one-trick pony.

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  3. Electrodyne 2511 EQ
    2.899,00 €

    Two of them in one 19" case:

    Electrodyne 511 two-band inductor EQ:
    The Electrodyne 511 is a classic two-band discrete transistor reciprocal active inductor equalizer using 1969 / 1970 design technology.

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