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  1. AML Carnhill EZ1073
    989,00 €
    The ez1073-500 is a Class A, mic pre-amp, line amp and EQ/Filter module which occupies two slots in a 500 series rack. Fully populated with Carnhill transformers and inductors to achieve its distinctive classic sound. This high-end hand-built British module provides an affordable solution for the modern cost conscious studio. Mehr erfahren
  2. A-Designs REDDI-v2
    1.319,00 €
    The number of A-Designs REDDIs in use on stages and studios all over the world is nothing short of staggering. Quite simply, there is no better sounding way to convert an instrument, or line level signal, to XLR. Mehr erfahren
  3. Electrodyne 2501 PreAmp (B-Ware)
    2.349,00 €

    Two of them in one 19" case:

    The Electrodyne 501 is a two stage discrete transistor, transformer coupled preamp with active DI, using classic 1969 / 1970 design technology.

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